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Maria Olofsson Karemyr
Helen Parton


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This is the fourth book in a series on Offeccts collaborations with various designers from around the world, through which a cohesive story as well as an in-depth experience of their products are created as an effort to spread knowledge and understanding about the work behind great design.  

In this book about Pauline Deltour, we get to meet her co-workers and colleagues, who invite us into her studio and world of ideas to better understand both the person and the designer. The book is special because Deltour is not with us any longer, as she tragically passed away too early in September 2021. It was not obvious to continue with the book, but her husband and friends thought this is what she would have wanted.  

Pauline Deltours and Offeccts collaboration has previously resulted in the playful urban sound absorber Thelma and the elegant Pauline armchair. The Pauline sofas are now launched ­ which have the same stylised simplicity as the armchair, with small shifts in proportions, surprising lines, brilliant functional solutions, and fabrics that are wrapped around and create a tailored expression. All of her products have a kind of ingenious simplicity, based on exquisite and carefully designed details.  

Utgivelsesår: 2022
Forlag: Arvinius+Orfeus
Innbundet: ja
Sidetall: 64
Isbn nr.: 9789198667349
Språk: UK

Kunst og design


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