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Tore Sandahl (Foto)


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Tore Sandahl, born in 1957, has published several delicate photo books.
All in black and white except Stolen Moments New York City, 2013.
Always analog, cotemplative, and some in older photographic techniques.
His photographs are taken in the Nordic countries but also in countries
such as Japan, China, Russia, France, Ireland and Portugal. The first
book, Stolen Moment from 2007, was awarded at Swedish Book Art and
nominated to Swedish Photobook Prize. Other titles are Where the forest
never reaches, 2016, Unexpected, 2019, Unexpected Japan edition, 2020
and Prospekt 2021.
In Tidvis molnigt we meet photographs from his travels in the years
2019-2022 along or next to the legendary Blå vägen. It runs from Træna
in Norway along the Ume river via Finland, where Tore Sandahl ended his
journey, and on to Pudozi/Petrozavodoski in Russia.
Older photographic techniques have always interested Tore Sandahl.
Tidvis molnigt contains in addition to silvergelatinphotographs,
photographs made in techniques such as platinum/palladium and
cyanotype or "Prussian Blue", and salted paper. To get larger negatives the
original was scanned and then printed on special overhead film. Then they
were contact printed on matte, uncoated paper. With these techniques,
many nature photograps look like they were taken a long time ago.
But elements such as urban environments, traffic signs and young people
changing tires on a car places the photographs in modern times.
Tidvis molnigt is a quiet and beautiful depiction of the mythical road.
Eva Dahlman
Photo historian

NB: teksten i boka er på både svensk og engelsk.

Utgivelsesår: 2023
Forlag: Eget
Innbundet: nei
Sidetall: 63
Isbn nr.: 9789151948416
Språk: SE



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