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Peter Opsvik


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For millions of years on earth the human race has led physically active lives. Throughout the most recent centuries, however, industrialization has fostered passivity and the growing predominance of the sitting posture for more and more people. In an increasing number of societies, chairs and furniture for sitting have become standard pieces of equipment in the workplace, institutions and private homes. These sitting devices were formed according to the established standard of the chair, based on the “accepted western manner of sitting”. About this publication: In Peter Opsvik’s Rethinking Sitting, the issue is addressed as to whether this is the only, and functionally best, design for the human body. When the various authorities in ergonomics were all promoting their one and only “correct” sitting posture, his comment was that all of them were right. All of the recommended sitting postures were good, and he saw it as his task to design chairs that allowed as many different sitting postures as possible and to make it easy to move and change frequently between them. Via texts and examples drawn from a profuse production, the reader will gain insight into Opsvik’s thinking on the subject of sitting and will become acquainted with the philosophy that informs his furniture designs.

Utgivelsesår: 2022
Forlag: Peter Opsvik
Innbundet: nei
Sidetall: 212
Isbn nr.: 9788280771193
Språk: UK

Kunst og design


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