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Manuele Fior


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"The Interview is the second graphic novel by Manuele Fior, author of the critically acclaimed and international award-winning debut 5,000 KM per Second. Set in Italy in 2048, it follows Raniero, a fifty-something psychologist in a failing marriage. In the sky, strange bright triangles appear, bearing mysterious messages from an extraterrestrial civilization. Dora, his young patient, is part of the “New” Convention, a movement of young people preaching free love and alternative models to coupling and family. She declares that her telepathic abilities can parse the signal - a warning of some kind. Initially skeptical, Raniero’s curiosity and attraction grows. The Interview is a science fiction novel that eschews the stars in favor of the delicate, fragile, interior world of human emotion. It is a moving story about the passage of time, the commonalities and differences between generations, and on our changing society."

Utgivelsesår: 2017
Forlag: Fantagraphics Books
Innbundet: ja
Sidetall: 176
Isbn nr.: 9781606999868
Språk: UK

Science fiction
Europeisk på engelsk


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