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"The last thing Kei and Masaru remember was being struck dead by a subway train while saving the life of a drunken bum. What a waste! And yet somehow they're still . . . alive? Or semi-alive? Maybe it's reanimated . . . by some kind of alien orb with a nasty message . . . "Your lives are over. What you do with your new lives is up to me!" And what this orb called Gantz intends to do with their lives is make them play games of death, hunting all kinds of odd aliens, along with a bunch of other ordinary citizens who've recently met a tragic semi-end.
This dark and action-packed manga deals with the moral conflicts of violence, with teenage sexual confusion and angst, and our fascination with sci-fi and death matches, and it’s unrelenting." -fra omslaget

Utgivelsesår: 2008
Forlag: Dark Horse Manga
Innbundet: nei
Sidetall: 228
Isbn nr.: 9781593079499
Språk: UK



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