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Kang Liang (Redaktør)
Dai Jianyong (Redaktør)


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GIRL.CN consists of 102 photos of Chinese girls by 73 photographers, with introductions by Lin Ye (well-known Chinese photographer) and Xu Chungang(poet, photographer, translator) in both English and Chinese. This is not just a pretty Syasinsyu, not even a common photo book.

Girls are different in the book. Some of them were looking into the lenses and through the cameras and the ones who controlled the shutters, to be facing us; some of them just ignored the photographers and immersed themselves in their own melancholy or lethargic mood. They are not just the passive objects of the camera, but the performers who’re leading the photographic languages. They were not delighting any one, but they were nevertheless enchanting. Half of the photographers are as young as the girls. They are all from the 90’s or 00’s, growing up together with the girls of the same age. The young viewers collapsed with the young bodies and bursted out such beautiful sparks. Others are friends of the curators, photographers with profound experiences. Their involvement should certainly encourage the young generation.

Utgivelsesår: 2021
Forlag: Kinakaal Forlag
Innbundet: ja
Sidetall: 140
Isbn nr.: 9781526000002
Språk: UK



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