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Iain Matthews & The Salmon Smokers


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NB: Ltd ed på klar vinyl, få eks!

Iain Matthews will for ever be connected to his role as a charter member of England´s number one folk rock band, Fairport Convention, and his giant hit with his band Matthews Southern Comfort, Joni Mitchell´s «Woodstock», in 1970.

Through his long and winding career Matthews has released more than eighty albums; solo and with bands like Plainsong and Hamilton Pool, adding to his Fairport and MSC-albums. 

His first soloalbum, If you saw through mye Eyes, was released in 1971 and was followed by Valley Hi (73), Journeys from Gospel Oak (74) and Some days you’ll eat the bear (74). 

By that time Matthews had moved to the US, where he stayed until 2000.

The last twenty years he has lived in The Netherlands.

He has collaborated with a great number of artists, we are mentioning Nanci Griffith, Michale Fracasso and Elliot Muphy. 

In 2014 Matthews toured together with musicians and artists from younger American bands Beach House, Fleet Foxes and The Walkmen, performing Gene Clark´s 1974 cult album, No Other, in it’s entirety. 

In 2018 Matthews put out his auto biography Thro´ my Eyes: A memoir.

That same year he arrived in smal Norwegian City of Halden to play the festival «The Never-Ending Mind-Expanding Coconut Experience», followed by a short tour, with The Salmon Smokers (know as «the best band through time»!).  

The Salmon Smokers consists of multiinstrumentalist Freddy Holm, guitarist Omar Østli, bass player Finn Tore Tokle and drummer Eivind Kløverød (also the backing band for American rock singer/ songwriter Luke Elliot).

Matthews and the band hit it off to the extent that they had to make an album together. Fake Tan was recorded in Kleiva Studio in Halden in the spring of 2019 and that summer they were invited as special guests by Robert Plant to open his concert at Fredriksten Fortress in Halden. Plant took in the show from from the stage wing and really liked what he heard.  

Fake Tan includes reimagined versions of some of Matthews greatest 70s songs, including «Woodstock» and «If you saw throu´ my eyes», some well chosen covers and also new material.

Utgivelsesår: 2020
Forlag: New Noise Halden
Innbundet: nei
Sidetall: 2
Isbn nr.: 7090054390007
Språk: UK



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